Safety and Training

Providing Secure Salt Lake City Commercial Window Cleaning Services

Although cleaning your windows at home seems like an easy and harmless job, imagine scaling washing one of the over 400-foot buildings in downtown Salt Lake City. Our professionals at Utah Commercial Window Cleaning can provide commercial window cleaning services to any high rise throughout the state. Our team safely puts themselves in suspension devices so your commercial buildings can have clean windows, inside and out. We understand the value of safety and each of our team members undergoes the IWCA/ANSI I-14 Safety Standard Test.

Components of the test include:

  • Route/Residential
  • Commercial Ground Base
  • Rope Descent Systems
  • Suspended Scaffold
  • High Rise Specialist

Our profession team learns the proven techniques to use commercial window cleaning equipment safely such as moving up and down high-rise buildings using scaffolding. We implement troubleshooting test so our technicians can meet the demands of fixing problems while elevated on the side of a building. To get started today with our prompt window cleaning service, call us at (801) 603-1736.

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